Deirdre Moncy

Really I'm...

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Deirdre Moncy


REALLY I’M… Walking around its open market Sunday I’m just walking around with memories of that one day Walking around all the people in the canyon And I’m wondering who goes home to a companion, because Really I’m… thinking of you Talking about the world can seem so hollow - sometimes Talking about our path and what to follow And if we’re talking about happy ever after Excuse me while I hold back all my laughter, because Really I’m… thinking of you Thinking of the time When I was your one your only Of the time When you came home to me solely How you ran across that great big hotel lobby just to hold me How I ran, ran, ran across the city so you would hold me While I cried Thinking about the rent can make me crazy baby Thinking about my past it’s all so hazy And if I’m thinking about my breakfast lunch and dinner Can you tell me how to eat and still get thinner, because Really I’m… thinking of you